Marketing and communication

We write it, design it, shoot it, edit it, mix it and sometimes even ask it to bark. Our work includes the Broadcaster, the website and all of the materials and planning that go into giving people the good word about Concordia.



Our team provides a full range of editorial, interactive and design services to the university. 

Have an idea?  If you have a new project to propose, please contact us at to arrange a meeting.


Our office serves as the primary link to the press and media on all communications fronts, from Twitter posts to news releases.  

Have a possible news story?  

Are you a member of the news media? 

Need a photo from our archive?

Have an announcement for the campus community?

  • Connections: The marketing and communication office publishes Connections weekly during the fall and spring semesters to make announcements to and share notices with faculty and staff. Contact if you have something to share with faculty and staff.

  • The Concordian: The student life office publishes the Concordian for current students. Contact them at