Music Scholarships

Concordia values the talents of student musicians.

Each year, Concordia's Department of Music awards music majors and non-music majors talent based scholarships in voice, piano, organ, brass, woodwinds, percussion, strings and guitar. This is awarded in addition to other financial aid from Concordia. 

The scholarships are based on musical ability as demonstrated through an audition. Scholarships are awarded to musicians who demonstrate the potential to make a substantive musical contribution to Concordia University.

This is awarded in addition to other financial aid from Concordia. If you qualify for need-based federal, state or university grants, your award will become part of an award package given by the financial aid department.

If you receive a music scholarship, you will be required to take lessons each semester and participate in an ensemble of the department’s choice or perform another assigned service for the department, for each year you receive a scholarship.

Music scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. To maintain eligibility for the music scholarship you must demonstrate sufficient musical progress on your instrument or voice each year. If these conditions are met, the music scholarship may be renewed for up to 8 semesters for students in a four-year program and for up to 10 semesters for students in a five-year program.

Initial Eligibility

To be eligible for a music scholarship, you must do the following prior to your audition: 

  1. Apply and be accepted to Concordia University.
  2. Complete and submit the Music Scholarship Application Form.


You may do either a live audition or send in a video recorded audition. If you choose to do a live audition you should contact the music office to schedule a time.

Important Dates

Live auditions can be scheduled any time.

Recorded auditions may be sent at any time.



If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Music at 800-535-5494, ext. 7282, or by email at